Python Open File

In Python, the open function can be used to open a files for writing, for reading and for append. Python open a file for reading: file = open(‘my_file.txt’,’r’) The r is implied, so it’s not needed. file = open(‘my_file.txt’) open file for writing: file = open(‘my_file.txt’,’w’) open for append: file […]

Route 53 AWS

In the AWS console, select Route 53 and you’ll be presented with a screen like this. If you don’t already have a Domain name, you can register one within AWS. Just click on the “Domain Registration” option. The prices are $12 for .com and .org and $11 for .net. Vanity […]

Financial Analyst Salary

Are you curious how much the salary of a Financial Analyst is. Are you thinking of becoming a Financial Analyst? We’ll address these questions below. Financial Analyst Job Description Jobs Demand Salary You may be wondering, “what does a financial analyst do?” Financial Analysts offer “guidance” on investment assets, such […]

CISSP vs CISM – Which is better?

Interested in getting certified to further your career, but unsure which path to take, CISSP vs CISM? Let’s take a look at the two certifications and see which is better. Supply vs Demand When contemplating our careers, we need take the Supply-Demand curve into account. ISACA claims 40,000 CISM professionals, […]

What is the CISSP?

The Certified Information System Security Professional is the premiere certification of IT security. The average CISSP Salary is $120,000, which is not bad considering you don’t even need a college degree. While you can make six figures with this certification, it requires five years of experience in at least two […]

CCNA Salary for 2019

Are you considering becoming a CCNA? If you have no experience, then you are probably looking at a minimum salary of $45K to start. (The CCNA exam fee is $300.) Are you already a CCNA? Then make sure you are being fairly compensated. While a CCNA alone might not get […]

For the CISSP Salary DC Wins for Most Jobs!

According to this ziprecruiter survey, the average CISSP salary is about $120,000 a year! While some CISSPs make as much as $170,000, the low end is $70,000, which would put you in the top 20% of earners in 2019! The best thing is that you technically don’t even need a […]

Software Development Life Cycle Models

Types of SDLC Models (Software Development Life Cycle Models) Waterfall Model Spiral Model V Model Prototyping Model Incremental Agile Model Waterfall Model The first development life cycle model was the Waterfall Model. Winston Royce is typically credited with it from a 1970 paper. Each phase of the cycle is completed […]